Three Reasons Why The Move To Digital Waste Management Will Reduce Your Costs.

Three Reasons Why The Move To Digital Waste Management Will Reduce Your Costs

Making the move from a paper based waste management system to a digital platform such as Quick Consign can appear pretty daunting at first sight. However, the logistical and financial benefits offer more than enough incentive to make the jump across to a more streamlined digital solution – and with state of the art secure data storage available as standard on all Quick Consign packages, it is hard to make an argument for staying with a paper based system.

This latest blog post is going to focus on three key reasons why making the switch to digital makes perfect business sense – and all three of them should help to reduce your costs or increase your revenue.

1. Increased Efficiency

We don’t need to tell you that the more efficiently your business runs, the more business you can do. Efficiently run businesses generally have lower operating costs and higher revenues.

The entire Quick Consign platform is designed to allow waste management administration to be carried out in the most time and cost efficient manner possible – at all operational levels.

We work with a number of Birmingham and West Midlands based waste management companies who have seen their operational efficiency increase beyond what they thought possible thanks to our bespoke digital solutions that were designed specifically with their needs in mind.

At just a consignment note level our software adds an extra layer of robustness to any paper based operation and when you consider the tracking and real time data aspects of the software you can see where time can be saved at operational and managerial levels. For our clients who need a digital platform that includes risk assessment, time sheet administration, defect reports and invoicing the time and cost efficiencies become even greater.

With increased efficiency, we find that many of our clients are able to take on more jobs whilst keeping staffing levels the same, which in turn of course leads to greater turnover.

2. Improved Customer Retention

When digital waste management is done right (and we are confident that Quick Consign are market leaders in this area) it means that day to day operations run incredibly smoothly from an administrational point of view. This in turn leads to a better customer experience which often leads to much improved customer retention rates.

One of our Dudley based waste management clients saw an increase in customer retention of just over 33% in 2018 which they directly attributed to the switch from a paper based to digital platform.

3. Reduced Staffing Costs

Having robust and efficient operational and administrative systems in place means that staffing hours can be better spent. Our clients enjoy the use of templates and the clone tool to work faster and enjoy error free documentation. Being able to issue invoices electronically and at the touch of a button also leads to less staffing hours being needed for simple administrative tasks.

In addition to the operational benefits, we find that giving staff better systems and training for using our software also leads to increased staff morale and motivation – two key components of a happy and stress free workforce which in itself can lead to less staff absence and greater cost savings.

If you think that moving to a digital waste management solution could either reduce costs, increase revenue or both for your business but you aren’t sure or have some reservations then why not speak to our friendly team and book in for a demo of our software. Quick Consign is a bespoke system that gives you the features you need and none of what you don’t – so give us a call and let us help you make the jump to a tried and tested digital solution.

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