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How It Works - 1st April 2019

All businesses in the UK that produce waste are responsible for the manner in which it is transported and/or disposed of. To ensure all businesses adhere to their legal obligations there is a set of stringent criteria laid out and waste documentation is used to monitor this.


Life For The Better - 1st May 2019

The waste industry is littered with administrative duties that can make the day to day processes involved with waste management quite laborious, often resulting in hours and hours of time spent filling out paper work rather than actually removing waste. Time that often feels like it is being wasted or could at least be spent more efficiently.


Are Bespoke Digital Waste Solutions Really Attainable? - 1st June 2019

Waste management often seems like it is as much about the paperwork than the collection and appropriate disposal of the waste itself. For waste management companies and their customers, the administration of waste documentation can create frustrations on a daily basis. Perhaps then, it is not surprising that the promises made by digital waste platforms such as Quick Consign are pretty appealing to all concerned – but can they really live up to the promises and can they really work for all businesses?


Three Reasons Why - 1st July 2019

Making the move from a paper based waste management system to a digital platform such as Quick Consign can appear pretty daunting at first sight. However, the logistical and financial benefits offer more than enough incentive to make the jump across to a more streamlined digital solution – and with state of the art secure data storage available as standard on all Quick Consign packages, it is hard to make an argument for staying with a paper based system.


Five Key Things You Can Learn From Your Waste Data - 1st August 2019

Collecting and storing waste data has historically been a difficult task, but digital waste management solutions such as Quick Consign have made the collection, storage and implementation of waste data a much more simple process. What’s more, digital waste management can provide you with access to insightful data that can have operational benefits as well as providing a number of ways to boost your bottom line. Typically, this data is available in real time… so let’s take a look at five key things you can learn from your waste data and assess the positive impact they can have on your waste management operations.


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