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Frequently asked questions

There is plenty to talk about! If you have any questions that are not covered below or you require more information please feel free to contact us.

Yes, we consulted with the Environment Agency before developing the platform in 2013. Recently Quick Consign was selected by all four environmental agencies with the goal of supplying a solution to service England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.
Yes, you have the choice before you create your notes. Simply select from a drop down list "Hazardous waste" or "Duty of care"
Yes, 100%. Your data is securely stored in the Quick Consign cloud and is backed up and available to you 24x7, 365 days of the year.
Our data center is based in Manchester. Visits to the data center are accepted with 7 days prior warning.
You do. Quick Consign hold no rights over your data, you can export it from the platform at any time.
Yes, Quick Consign is extremely simple and easy to use. We provide on-site training with drivers to make sure they are fully trained.
Yes, we hold a selection of cost effective hardware that can be used in the field by your drivers and staff.
Unlike paper-based waste notes, all the data necessary to complete a document is saved into the platform, you can quickly search and apply pre-saved information at every stage.
You can visit our testimonials page here or you can look here at this independent software review service.
Our clients tell us that their waste producers say it’s the best way to receive their waste notes. The pages are clean and well laid out, easy to find and store on their local machine and perfectly legible. They say that other waste management companies should adopt the same methods.
Our platform is seamlessly designed so any party within the waste chain of responsibility can use the platform. Everyone from a waste producer to an end disposal point. Every stage of waste management is covered by our solution.
Don’t worry, you can still access all our platform on a smartphone. We highly recommend a USB vehicle charger.
This situation for any of our clients is very inconvenient, however, there are many measures you can take to protect your device. Firstly, set a passcode or fingerprint to secure the device when not in use. Set up device tracking, typically Find My (Apple), or Find Your (Android), store it with you at all times or locked away.

You never have to worry about the way your device accesses Quick Consign because no information is stored locally, we are cloud-based so your information is safe even if the device falls into the wrong hands.

The data SIM’s we provide can also be instantly barred to prevent unauthorized use.

Although the tablet is your responsibility and accidental damage is not covered under any warranty, we keep several models in stock at all times, so we can typically get you a paid-for replacement within 24hrs.
All edits to a waste document can be done remotely due to the power of our cloud-based solution. If the waste stream has been previously stored in the database you can make that adjustment within 10 seconds of receiving a communication from the driver.

If you need to add the waste stream first, it shouldn’t take you much longer than a couple of minutes to populate the necessary fields to then add to the document.

Within every major section of Quick Consign, we have detailed search fields where you can freely type what you’re looking for, from a consignment number to a specific date or even a location.

Yes, we have specific export tools for customer-based reports. We can also build bespoke reports that offer total waste management data.

Firstly, we would need to know what solution you are currently using and if that solution has the functionality to communicate with Quick Consign. We have tools in our solution to do this with an API or via a data export.
There are several stages of completing a waste note, there are also several stages of signing off. You would need to determine what mistake has been made and who needs to be informed. We have multiple wastes to log and rectify the mistake as well as informing the responsible person along the way. If you’re stuck, you can contact us for help on 0333 8000 365 or click the chat icon at the bottom right of your screen.
The system administers can easily give the driver a temporary password to get them on their way.
It is very good practice to change your password a least every few months, but you can change it as often as you like. We recommend using a combination of letters, upper and lower case, numbers and special characters.

You should never share your password with others, even work colleagues. Remember your account, your responsibility.
Quick Consign has three solutions:
QCONE (Demo time approx. 20min online or face to face)
QCPRO (Demo time approx. 30min online or face to face)
QCWMP (Demo time approx. 50-60 mins online or face to face)


Don’t Forget...
We also build bespoke Waste Management Solutions enabling you to automate all areas of your business, not just the consignment and duty of care process.

To better understand how we can help your business, why not get in touch. You can reach the Quick Consign team on 0333 8000 365 or simply fill in the contact form.

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