Create unlimited risk assessments & method statments

Create unlimited bespoke risk assessments and method statements

Risk Assessments

Create, edit and save bespoke risk assessments tailored to individual clients.  

Method Statements

Method statements are a set of descriptions outlining how work will be carried out safely.  Quick Consigns RAMS module simplifies this task and integrates seamlessly with other risk assessment features.

Team Talks

Discussions are often required when creating and managing risk assessments. Create discussion topics, assign hosts and invite users to add comments. Once a topic has been discussed and finalised, hosts and assigned users have the ability to digitally sign and complete team talk.

Hazard Templates

Create unlimited hazard templates. Assign users at risk and risk rating before and after control.
Quick Consigns intuitive display aids users to create and manage hazard templates quickly and simply.

Equipment Lists

Create unlimited equipment lists.
Equipment lists are used in many ways throughout Quick Consign.  Create a checklist for drivers to ensure the correct equipment and personal protection is assigned to risk assessments. 

Documents and Images

Ensure all your data is accessible in one central location. Upload images and documents to the associated risk assessment module.

Email or PDF

Keep members of the team updated with regular email notifications, or simply create a PDF with full risk assessment details.

Clone Tool

Need a similar risk assessment?  Duplicate risk assessments with one click of the clone button, then alter to suit.