Stress Free Waste Management Paperwork

Stress Free Waste Management Paperwork

Our top hacks for stress free waste management paperwork!

Thinking about the waste management industry, initially, you would be inclined to think that the most time would be spent dealing directly with the waste. However over the years, the paperwork side of things has become a bit of a minefield. In this industry, the focus should always be on the waste and the best possible journey for each load, which is why we have compiled our top hacks for streamlining the paperwork – and in turn reducing the headaches that it brings!

1. Keep everything digital

Keeping documents digital has a whole realm of different benefits! Here are a few of our favourites; safety – eliminate the risk of lost, damaged or illegible paperwork, sending – send documents in a click and they appear in the recipients inbox immediately, accessibility – reach your documents at anytime from anywhere.

2. Schedule and clone documents

One of our main aims at quick consign is to never have to input the same data twice. One way we work towards this is having plenty of data in the background ready to be pulled through onto documents. But cloning and scheduling documents is a gamechanger. Cloning a document saves all of the legwork of populating unvarying information, just add a carrier and a date and its good to go. But scheduling, is a whole new level. If you could schedule 100s of consignment notes in seconds, why wouldn’t you?!

3. Don’t waste time on hazard labels

No amount of time should be spent on mundane tasks like printing out your hazard diamonds! Upon one visit to potential client (at the time) it was found that one employee was spending almost their entire week – every week – printing out hazard labels. Quick Consign stores the entire hazard diamond library in the background, these can be tied to each and every waste stream in your system allowing the relevant labels to be sent to print with the click of a button. This particular example pretty much freed up an employee who can now spend their time doing much more valuable tasks.

4. Know what is happening at all times

Always have a clear understanding of exactly what is happening with your waste collections. Quick Consign is all in real time and has a simple colour coding functionality so you can see exactly what is happening even at just a glance. Time stamped activities can give an even clearer understanding.

5. Keep logs

Have an accessible log for every single document giving a detailed insight into each amendment that has been made, when it was made, and who made it.

6. Make reporting quick and easy

Reporting can be a headache all on its own. Whether it be internal or for your EA quarterly returns, we believe that this is the last thing that anyone should be spending their valuable time on. Keeping everything digital on QC means that the system can do all of the hard work for you. We have a whole plethora of different reports – that can be spat out instantly. Our EA export tool has been invaluable to many of our clients.

7. Have one central location

Having a cradle to grave solution which covers all of your companies needs means that there will always be that one central location where you can go to and find anything you need. Quick Consign has the ability to run you right through from enquiry to quote to consignment notes to invoicing to storage. As well as everything in-between such as; NCRs, timesheets, defect reports and RAMs. This gives you the peace of mind that anything you need, you can log into your account and find it in an instant.

What’s the answer?

So, if you want to reduce the stresses involved in the paperwork side of your business, there is only really one answer.. if you haven’t already, go digital. Ensure that your system covers all of your needs. At Quick Consign, we feel like we pretty much have all bases covered, however there is always the availability of bespoke build if there is a gap in the system for your business.

Get rid of the unnecessary paperwork headaches and transform your business.. Get yourself booked in for a demonstration of Quick Consign today and have your system up and running tomorrow!

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