Hazardous Waste Labels

Hazardous Waste Labels

Where Could Your Business Be Saving Resources?

Have you ever looked around your office and really thought about each job that is going on? Where could your company be saving resources? money? time? Now, we know there are daily tasks that just HAVE to be done. These are usually the tasks that we have been doing day in, day out, for years. What I find is, it’s the long forgotten jobs, that you’re most used to, that can usually be changed up and made much more efficient.

For example, taking Consignment Notes from paper to digital. Consignment Notes are a legality, they have to be done, and have been essential for many businesses for years. Maybe this is why pen and paper lasted for all of this time. It is what people have been used to for so long, and yes – it does the job. But does it do the best/most efficient job? That is another question though, maybe the answer lies within our Clients Feedback Page.

Within the remit of taking Consignment Notes from paper to digital via Quick Consign, there are many hidden gems which have been developed for one purpose only. To streamline your experience, to ensure employees are making the absolute best use of time and resources. The gem up for discussion today is that of Labels.

Recently our Director visited a client of ours to demonstrate how these Labels could be linked up to any printer and off you go. Initially, he had to wait a while for the computer to become free as there was a staff member using it to print off their Warning Diamonds. Shocked at how tedious the process was, he asked how long this usually takes her to get done. With a blank look she said, this is pretty much my job.

The Labels feature within Quick Consign allows you to assign Hazardous Waste Labels directly to each Waste Stream Template. This means that when a Consignment Note is created, and a Waste Stream Template added, the appropriate labels are automatically pulled through and linked with the note. With the click of a button a PDF can then be generated with all of the relevant information and Warning Labels on. This can then be sent to any label printer and off you go.

How much time could this save a company? In our example it essentially freed up an employee for the whole week. How else could this employee have been benefitting the business – who knows? But any employee having more freed up time is certainly an asset to any business.

After reading this, look around your office. Think about each job. Could time be saved anywhere? If you do find anywhere, contact us and see if we have a feature that fits the bill! Otherwise, it could be something we develop in the near future. Afterall – Quick Consigns whole ethos is to make the entire process as streamlined as possible.

Are you yet to see our system in action? Give us a call to book a demonstration and find out how other waste management companies are saving time and resources through Quick Consign.

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