Five Key Things You Can Learn From Your Waste Data

Five Key Things You Can Learn From Your Waste Data

Collecting and storing waste data has historically been a difficult task, but digital waste management solutions such as Quick Consign have made the collection, storage and implementation of waste data a much more simple process. What’s more, digital waste management can provide you with access to insightful data that can have operational benefits as well as providing a number of ways to boost your bottom line. Typically, this data is available in real time… so let’s take a look at five key things you can learn from your waste data and assess the positive impact they can have on your waste management operations.

How To Work Smarter and More Profitably

Having your drivers’ rounds planned efficiently is often key to running a profitable operation and using data from past collections can help you lower your costs per round and maximise your revenue per collection.

Let’s imagine a typical scenario for a waste management company that is using Quick Consign. A customer calls asking for a collection, the account manager can then access historical data to see other existing customers who may either have been part of the round in the past or who are geographically near to this enquiry.

You might see that you have an existing collection booked and can add this new enquiry on that round or you could book them on to a new round and then have the account manager for the other customers call to find out if they need a collection and then add them to the round.

In the time that it has taken you to read this very point, this process could be completed with Quick Consign and you could have just doubled the efficiency of that new collection.

Assessing Your Profitability

Account managers or senior managers can use digital waste management data to assess how profitable specific customers, rounds or geographic areas are. This kind of process would typically require a lot of input time and number crunching with a non-digital system but with bespoke reporting Quick Consign can provide this data at the touch of a button.

This data can then be used to put measures in place to improve profitability which can then be measured and analysed again at appropriate intervals.

Identifying Waste Re-Use Opportunities

Waste data can also be used to plan the re-purposing of waste depending on the type of waste being collected. Again, utilising historical data such as the destination for specific waste collections, newly booked collections can quickly have re-use opportunities identified.

This can have major cost savings for waste collection companies as well as helping you to be more environmentally friendly.

Tracking Performance At Management Level

If you have multiple account managers then waste data that is assigned to that user will help to assess their overall performance. Quick Consign can be used by the users themselves to assess their own performance and can also be used by other senior users to assess and compare the performance of their managers.

This data can be used to improve individual account manager performance as well as used for self development to help identify more opportunities for improved efficiency and reduced costs.

Tracking Performance At Driver Level

Waste management data can also be used to quickly and easily assess and track individual driver performance. You can assess which drivers are more efficient and problem free than others as well as looking at times or days when certain drivers or rounds perform more optimally. This data could tie in with other factors such as traffic or congested routes or could provide further insights that can then be addressed.

Ultimately, the move across to digital waste management means that all data is collected and stored digitally. Not only making it more secure and providing a robust system for storage but also providing you with insightful data that is quickly accessible. This data can be used to take key actions that will benefit the operational and financial aspects of your business – which is why as both founders and end users of Quick Consign – we are both immensely proud and extremely grateful for the benefits we see to our business as a result of such an important bespoke system.

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