Are Bespoke Digital Waste Solutions Really Attainable?

Are Bespoke Digital Waste Solutions Really Attainable?

Waste management often seems like it is as much about the paperwork than the collection and appropriate disposal of the waste itself. For waste management companies and their customers, the administration of waste documentation can create frustrations on a daily basis. Perhaps then, it is not surprising that the promises made by digital waste platforms such as Quick Consign are pretty appealing to all concerned – but can they really live up to the promises and can they really work for all businesses?

We are asking the question; are bespoke digital waste solutions really attainable for all businesses? Read on to find out just why we think our Quick Consign platform means that they are.

Making Digital Solutions Work

When deciding whether or not to use a digital solution for managing waste, most of the questions we receive involve pricing, usability and reliability/security. The demands of a small business that perhaps has one or two staff members compared to an enterprise level business that has over 200 staff members and thousands of clients are very different. Both will have differing needs and expectations from a platform such as Quick Consign.

If we go back to over 5 years ago when Quick Consign was first developed, it was always the intention to create a platform that was not only robust in its infrastructure but also flexible enough to meet the needs of our potentially variable client base. 5 years on, we believe we do have the most robust solution on the market and one that is flexible enough to truly deserve to be labeled as ‘bespoke’. In fact, our existing clients are a testament to the versatility of Quick Consign and point to the flexible nature of the product being able to fit a wide range of different business types, sizes and structures as being key to its viability.

From Sole Trader to Enterprise Level

As a sole trader or small business the barrier to entry to a digital system is often conceived as being price. However, just as our system is flexible so is our pricing and we price our software so that you pay for what you need – and nothing else.

Take Tony from Crime Trauma Cleanup Ltd, one of our self proclaimed ‘smallest customers’ – not only has his company found Quick Consign to be extremely cost effective, but it has allowed him to be fully compliant with waste management legislation and sail through due diligence audits.

At the other end of the spectrum we can look at Sam who utilises Quick Consign for Associated Reclaimed Oils. A large company that processes hundreds of consignment notes each month. Following the initial system implementation and staff training that was delivered by Quick Consign they are now saving precious time each and every day as well as having a flawless and secure system that makes daily administration much easier for them and their customers.


So is it really possible to create bespoke digital waste solutions for all sizes and types of businesses? We believe that we have proved it is – however there are two key reasons for this:

Firstly, at Quick Consign we listen to our customers and consult with them with regards to what is important to them, what they need and what they don’t.

Secondly, we have software and hardware (if required) that is flexible enough to bend to the needs of our customers meaning we can provide a platform that is truly bespoke and that delivers a true solution to their waste management needs.

Whether you are a one person company or an enterprise level organization – Quick Consign really can provide you with a bespoke digital waste management solution that can work for you and makes sense financially and operationally.

Speak to us today and put us to the test.

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