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Welcome to Quick Consign, the software provider for the waste industry. Established in 2014 our team clearly understands the importance of secure data management. We offer superior client support and unrivalled waste management software. Specialising in providing our clients with a reliable, user-friendly and automated experience, without compromising on controls and features.

Our platform is accessed by a wide array of waste recycling, collection, and disposal companies 24-7-365, both on site and from the office. We guarantee that our solutions are available online and that our determination to offer a universal platform is constant. Quick Consign is widely accepted, from single sole traders to enterprise level organisations. We achieve this by understanding and integrating the needs of our clients no matter how large or small. In 2017 we collaborated with all four UK Environmental Agencies including many major waste management suppliers throughout the UK. We offer one of the leading digital consignment note services and cutting edge waste management platforms offering a fully compliant digital means to manage hazardous waste consignment notes and non-hazardous waste consignment notes. Our centrally located offices are ideal for demonstrations, you can meet our team of experts and discuss your requirements, that’s right your requirements!

If you need bespoke waste management software, Quick Consign can create a solution to fit your company needs.

Working with the Environment Agency

We trialled Quick Consign thoroughly with the Environment Agency during the development process. This means our clients cover all their legal consignment note requirements when using the system.

We also update Quick Consign in accordance with any changes to consignment note layout or wording by the Environment Agency.

Consulting with the waste management industry

Before releasing Quick Consign, we consulted with waste oil disposal companies, packaged waste collectors, WEEE recycling and general waste management organisations. This allowed us to create a unique system that reflects industry needs.

Customer satisfaction and 100% up-time

Our primary focus is customer satisfaction and providing a service that is an asset to our clients.

We’ve achieved a satisfaction and uptime rating of 100% from 2014 when we launched the platform right through to present day.

Your carbon neutral status

Using Quick Consign comes with a whole host of benefits. It even offsets your CO2 emissions - the platform is 100% carbon neutral and paper free.

Digital Waste Documents Digital Waste Documents Digital Waste Documents Digital Waste Documents



Digital Waste Documents


An average waste collection company collecting 25 loads per day could use over 19,500 notes (including triplicates) per year.

EA Deadline To Go Digital

areas of expertise

waste industry consultant

Knowing the industry is critical. Fortunately Quick Consign have expertise in the following fields. Hazardous waste management, Environmental compliance and Project management.

customer service

Since launching in 2014 our ethos remains simple. Be truthful, transparent and give the best customer service where ever possible.

ASP.NET MVC Developers

Quick Consign boasts a team of talented develpers rich in skill sets such as ASP.NET, MVC, Site Architecture, Server Infrastructure, JavaScript, jQuery and much more.